Community Minded

Go Dance Cares

Sam Gordon, speaking, presentation, talk, podium, Optimist Club, Knoxville, TN, banner, wood, paneling, The Foundry

Go Dance Owner, Sam Gordon, speaking to the Optimist Club of Knoxville.

Go Dance is a Knoxville institution, founded in Knoxville and for Knoxville.Established nearly thirty years ago, the studio is uniquely Knoxville and dedicated to our neighbors and the community of it calls home. We play a proactive role in the community and seek out opportunities to give back and better lives of those in need through charitable donations and partnerships with local organizations whose mission it is to improve the  community in which we all live.

Go Dance gladly donates time, gifts and shows for community and charitable events. We are proud of our record in the communities in which we work, and encourage others to learn more about the organizations we support.


If you are an organization seeking donations, contact us at Go Dance at (865) 584-0009.

Below are just a few of the local organizations that we have partnered with in the past.