Discover Yourself

Dancing is discovery, discovery, discovery.”

– Martha Graham


Many elements and layer come together to create an exciting dance experience. Technique will certainly play some role in your learning to dance ballroom. However, this is an element even greater than simple mechanics that fuel your learning. That is, your empowerment.

  • Personality, inner spirit and energy are key components to learning how to ballroom dance. 

Your uniqueness then combines with technique, transforming a common, everyday movement such as a simple step into poetry, into artistry, into dance. 

Many students at Go Dance have amazing stories of courage, bravery, perseverance and strength – all stemming from the confidence they gained by learning how to ballroom dance. To your right are just two such students, Elaine Baltzell and Melissa Mathis. These are real profiles, of current students – each different in history, but bound by a common experience: ballroom dancing.

As you read about Elaine and Melissa, you may see yourself in their stories. Through their experience, we hope that you will be inspired to take that first step toward discovering a better you though ballroom dancing.

We invite you to discover all that ballroom dancing and Go Dance has to offer you!

Meet Elaine

Elaine Baltzell, student at Go Dance, Ballroom Studio






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