How do I get started?

Congratulations! You have already taken the first step toward better health and a better, more confident, you, by asking.


We realize wanting to learn to dance and asking to learn to dance are two very different things!  So, we’ve made getting started easy.


Simply fill out our Info Request form here.


After you submit your request, one of our ballroom specialists will contact you as soon as possible. During the call, he or she will be glad to answer any additional questions you may have and schedule your first lesson.


If you prefer to contact us directly, you may call us at:


(865) 584-0009

Monday thru Friday

10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Do I need a partner?

If you have a partner, great!  If you do not have a partner, no problem!  Our ballroom specialists will be your partner. Taking private ballroom dance lessons is the fastest way to learn how to dance without the need for a dance partner. Your personal ballroom specialist will serve as your dance partner.


Is dancing just for women?

Read this next statement, slow and clearly: REAL MEN BALLROOM DANCE!

Besides being an excellent opportunity for exercise, ballroom dancing can boost your confidence, improves balance and posture, and enhances your social skills.

Let’s focus on that last part – social skills. Guys, there is no better way to meet a lady than on the dance floor if you are single. In fact, men are usually in high demand on the dance floor, so you are guaranteed to be popular. Imagine how those other guys feel when you are able to move around the dance floor with grace and ease. “All the boys want to be ya and the girls want to steel ya,” right?

Regardless of marital status, ballroom dancing is romantic. Knowing how to ballroom dance, you will be able to take charge, take the lead and tenderly demonstrate just how much that special lady, draped on your arms, means to you.

Nothing makes her feel more like a woman, than a real man on the dance floor. So, we’ll say it again: REAL MEN BALLROOM DANCE!

Why kind of dancing do you teach?

Go Dance is a full service ballroom dance studio and offers instruction in all styles of  Ballroom and Latin dances, such as:

  • Waltz
  • Cha-Cha
  • Tango
  • Salsa
  • Swing
  • And many more…



What should I wear for a lesson?

We recommend you wear clothing that is lightweight, will not inhibit movement and, most of all, comfortable.

In regards to shoes, we suggest:

Ladies: Wear a shoe with a heel. No flip-flops, sandals, backless shoes or tennis shoes. Take time to make sure your pants, skort or skirt allow you to move freely with large steps.

Gentlemen: Wear a lightweight dress shoe with a soft sole. No tennis shoes, as the rubber soles will restrict movement. No hard plastic soled shoes, as they will be slick on the dance floor.

How often should I take a lesson?

We recommend a minimum of one (1) private lesson per week combined with one (1) group class or social party. At this rate, you will help support your muscle memory, become more comfortable performing dance movements and establishing proper rhythm.Of course, that is what we recommend for a minimum! At higher frequencies, the more quickly you build that solid foundation learn and ensure your progress.

Is it hard to learn to dance?

Dancing can be quite easy to learn and is as easy as walking. While, most people believe they have two left feet, we believe that anyone can learn to dance. Understand that it will take time to learn, as is the case with most things new. But, you have us on your side! Our Ballroom Specialists make learning easy and fun. Combine them with our exclusive program and some practice, and we are confident that you will dance well, be comfortable on the dance floor, best of all, have fun while doing it!

How long does it take to learn to dance?

We believe that anyone can teach and learn steps. Steps are the science behind movement.  Dancing, on the other hand, is an art form that relative and subject only to you.

When you close you eyes and see yourself dancing, what does that look like?

Keep that image in your mind and bring that into the studio for your first lesson. We can help you get there, and will be better able to provide you with an estimated time frame for arriving at your goal.

Other “housekeeping questions you might ask include:

  • Which dances excite me the most?
  • How often can I (or) do I wish take lessons?
  • Do I have many opportunities to practice dancing socially now?
  • What is my dance ability?

All-in-all, the time it takes to learn to dance all depends largely on you. Your passion and dedication for learning and dancing will be key in your education and rate of learning.


At Go Dance, however, the deck is stacked in your favor to learn to dance, quickly and well. We strive to provide you with a solid foundation in all styles of dance. Building on that foundation, we then teach you through your personalized learning guide where you continue to hone your skills and learn the finer points of the dances and styles you love. With us, you will have the support and training of Knoxville’s primer ballroom studio with:

  • Dedicated, professional ballroom specialists
  • Proven system of learning that is designed for your success
  • Exclusive access to weekly and monthly social parties and events

Why should I learn to dance ballroom?

Students have told us that besides learning to dance, they gain self-confidence, heightened self-esteem, improved posture, friendships, a place to socialize, and many other benefits. Each person is unique and finds that dancing has helped them in different, yet similar ways.

So the question really becomes: why aren’t I taking ballroom dance lessons?

Will I ever use this?

Ballroom dancing is a skill that is both universal and timeless. Your newfound dancing ability could be used at that wedding you have coming up soon. You may walk into your spouse’s class reunion to find that there is a ballroom and a band. Or, you might be out for romantic dinner at a new restaurant, only to discover live music and an intimate dance floor. Wouldn’t it feel great to have the confidence to know that you could take advantage of all those moments?  You, living life to it’s fullest!  That is what ballroom dancing does – it empowers you to live, fully, healthy and happily.

Your investment into learning to dance is an investment in the universal and timeless. You can use it anywhere at anytime for the rest of your life.


What are the health benefits of dancing?

Dancing is the most fun and effective way to exercise. Learning to dance not only exercises your body, but also your brain; dancing promotes both physical and mental health.

Ballroom dancing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Besides the enhanced posture and balance, dancing improves flexibility and stamina, and requires use of the major muscle groups. Some doctors consider dancing one of the most beneficial physical activities. Ever noticed the bodies of the professionals on "Dancing With the Stars"?

Ballroom dancing also enables students to gain better self-confidence, enhance self-esteem, improve posture, develop new friendships, relax and socialize.