The Right Tools

 We Give you the Right Tools at the Right Time

Circular arrows illustrating Go Dance's unique approach toward teaching ballroom dance.

As a Go Dance student, you will always have, at your fingertips three major forms of quality dance instruction and practice:

  • Private Lessons

  • Group Classes

  • Social Parties

By offering you a wide variety of times and types of opportunities you have to practice your new ballroom dancing skills, we maximize your potential for success.


How We Teach You

Private Lessons

Private Lessons provide you with the personal attention and comfort to look and feel great on the dance floor.

How Private Lessons Work

Private Lessons at Go Dance are appointment based, one-on-one instruction with your very own ballroom specialist. Our ballroom specialists are trained, professional dancers that are dedicated to help you learn to dance, as well as meet and achieve your personal goals. In a private lesson, your ballroom specialists will provide you with real-time ballroom dance education with close, personal attention to form and structure. If you are taking lessons without a partner, he or she will serve as your dance partner during instruction. In private lessons, your ballroom specialist will support you every step of the way with encouragement and thoughtful instruction, based entirely on your personal rate of learning.

Benefits of Private Lessons

Provide you with individual instruction with your very own, personal ballroom specialist who will be with you every step of the way.

Enable you to learn more quickly through the personalized attention and trust formed between you and your specialist.

Allows you to learn at your own pace and guided by your very own, personal ballroom specialist.

Promote proper posture, balance, strength and coordination though the focused attention and practice placed on proper dance forms, styles and techniques.

Group Classes

Group Classes hone your patterns, technique and style skills, as well as your ability to lead or follow any partner.

How Group Classes Work

Group Classes at Go Dance are regularly scheduled workshops taught by one ballroom specialist in a group setting, typically consisting of 5-15 students. Group classes serve to supplement and strengthen the skills you learned in your private lessons. Specifically, group classes provide a platform for you to practice the steps you’ve learned in a more casual yet still controlled environment. During a group class, you will also work on your lead and follow with various partners. Best of all, group classes serve as a scheduled time to get that valuable practice “you keep saying you’re gonna do.”

Benefits of Group Classes

Boost your confidence as you hone your dance skills in a faster-paced setting, and with other students of all levels.

Provides a higher-intensity cardio vascular exercise and increases your endurance.

Enable you to meet new students that help you learn and share your same passions and interests.

Social Parties

Social Parties challenge you to combine the skills you learned in private and group lessons to be combined in a live, social setting.

How Social Parties Work

Social Parties are weekly themed parties held at the studio or in public venues in and around Knoxville. Social parties are the number one way to improve your dancing ability, and where we all get to have some fun! During a social party, all the skills you learned in private and group lessons will be called upon in a casual, fun and social environment among other students. As always, our ballroom specialists are there to help you every step of the way. You will find that as you hone your dancing foundation, your confidence will build and you will suddenly find yourself with the ability to just dance, relax and – best of all – have a good time!

Benefits of Social Parties

Gives you the satisfaction knowing that you can dance with anyone regardless of skill or age and have fun in a spontaneous social setting.

Provides an opportunity to exercise and relax. Enables you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in social settings as you build long-term friendships with other fellow students.