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What is the Tango?

Often referred to as the “angry lover’s” or a “romantic quarrel,” Tango is a one of the most passionate and sultry dances. It is characterized by a compact and close hold, a low center of gravity and Contra Body Movement. The movement in Tango is very predatory and cat like. The count in tango is “Slow-Slow-Quick,Quick. “Slow-Quick,Quick. Slow-Quick,Quick-Slow.” with a rhythm of 4/4 or 2/4.

The TangoTango was born in the 19th Century among the Argentine slums of Buenos Aires, and originally this passionate dance was shunned by the respectable classes of society for its controversial close hold. The Tango became popular right before the First World War, as numerous Tango Dance halls opened and couples even danced in-between courses at finer dining establishments. Eventually the Tango was standardized in the 1920s by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

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