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What is the Waltz?

The Waltz is elegant, graceful, sophisticated and full of romanic feeling. A smooth dance, the Waltz is characterized by its signature rise, fall and sway. The dancer’s feet remain in contact with the floor creating a smooth, gliding appearance. The count for the Waltz is “1-2-3. 1-2-3” and can typically be heard in the music as Boom Tick Tick, Boom Tick Tick and has a rhythm of 3/4.

The Waltz

Before the 18th century most court dances such as the Minuet, were an elaborate mix of bows and curtsies, and very little physicalcontact between the dancers. When the Waltz first came about everything changed. The word Waltz is derived from the Italian word “Volver,” translating to revolve. Because of its closed position the Waltz was denounced as scandalous and immoral. The Waltz dominated the dance scene in Europe and America until the First World War, and then gained competition from the Foxtrot and Tango.

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