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Benefits of Practicing Alone

So, you are thinking about practicing your dancing, but you're alone with, for instance, only a huge labradoodle and a fluffy cat. You may wonder: why should I practice alone? You may be surprised to find out there are some major benefits for practicing your steps without your dance partner. Below I have highlighted a few:

Practicing Alone Builds Self-Confidence

Practicing alone gives you that extra assurance in your movement, your steps, your choreography and yourself! If you practice by yourself, you will simply know your steps better. When you dance with your partner, you will not only know your steps but look and feel solidified. Knowing your steps by heart will give you more confidence on and off the dance floor! If you need a boost of confidence, practicing alone is just what you need to do!

Practicing Alone Improves Balance

Practicing alone means we don't have our dance partner there to support us. While dancing is a give and take, we need to be able to hold ourselves while we dance. Practicing by yourself builds our core and balance. It gives us the ability to move more easily when we do have a dance partner, making him or her a happier dance partner. Your dance partner will thank you!

Practicing Alone Allows You More Control

When you know your steps and build your balance, you have gained more control over your movements. More control means more confidence, but also the ability to take that next step in dancing, whether it is a new level or more difficult pattern you've been dying to learn!

Practicing Alone Makes Dancing More Fun

When you know your steps, have stronger balance, and are in more control it makes dancing more fun because you and your body knows what to do. You can give your brain a break from over thinking. You get to enjoy the dance itself, fall into the music, enjoy the connection with your partner and, if you are performing, even play with the audience. But this scenario, your audience is an apathetic cat and a freaked-out labradoodle.

I hope that I was able to inspire you to practice alone. Remember, start out slow and don’t rush. You can practice as little as a minute each day. Build that muscle memory and you will see and feel all these benefits.

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